Bits from Our Hearts - March 26, 2015

As I spotted this Pin-tail Whydah yesterday, I was awed by God’s creation! But as I was reminded this week there are hurting people who cannot see His glory, might, and hope; they only see an inactive God. My heart’s response: My God is active! The problem is that Believers are inactive. My prayer is that I be more committed to doing His work, to being His Heart, Hands and Voice in our hurting world.

March 25, 2015

“I will wait for the LORD… I will put my trust in him.”
Isaiah 8:17 NIV

Photo taken JUST before the siafu encounter!
I am a smart woman, but far too often, I have to relearn lessons! While taking photos yesterday afternoon, I forgot to check for siafu while walking beside our KBTC cottage AND NO, I didn’t get any photos of these marching safari ants as I ran into our KBTC cottage, yelling for Jack to open the door.

This photo taken this morning for a friend
leads to only good memories!
They say that safari ants climb quietly up your leg until enough inhabit your body to do real damage and then a signal is given for the pinching to begin. I was very proud of the fact that I made it into the cottage and closed the door before removing or rather flinging any clothing, other than my shoes. Turns out there were dozens in my shoes and dozens more in my slacks, which have now been fumigated!

God sent a great way to help me forget about the sensation of crawling
and pinching - four Black-and-White Mannikin appeared later on the
tree beside the clothes line where I encountered the ants. Our bird
book says that these like to rest during the day in small clusters!
Another lesson that I have to keep re-learning – that I MUST wait for the LORD and trust in Him! I do know this! I shared in last week’s update that “As we talked of what God had done during the last two years as KBTC began the restoration process, we remembered that we had to focus on trusting Him and seeing what He wanted us to see and do!” I even quoted Psalm 9:9-11, “The LORD is a refuge… Those who know your name will trust in you… Sing praises… proclaim among the nations what he has done.”

We ate a bit late that morning as this scene appeared
out the kitchen window as I prepared breakfast!
BUT as I awoke one morning this week, it hit me: I was still worrying about things, such as KBTC’s financial worries as the college continues waiting for monies they are owed in order to pay their bills. Plus, I was allowing concerns to take away my joy. Yes, these worries and concerns were/are about very real problems, difficulties and situations, but worrying was not in any way a constructive activity!

And our evening meal was also a bit delayed that day -
as we took time to watch an incredible sunset!
I also realized that too often we get so busy doing what God has called us to do, that we overlook all the incredible things He is doing around us, which may explain why I take so many bird and flower photos! How can one not totally trust and believe in the One who created these awesome creations?

One of the joys of living on a mountain while at KBTC - being surrounded
by 'country' scenes, yet spotting the city of Nairobi which is miles away!
I was reminded again of something I have marked and remarked in my Bible – the verses in the Psalms which begin with “I will.” I have often questioned if the writer was saying in the future, I WILL do such and such or saying I WILL MAKE MYSELF do this or that whether or not I really desire or feel like doing this!

The window outside our cottage kitchen is like a
giant movie screen.  This sunbird entertained me...
Thus I realize I must not just assume or take for granted that I’m trusting God in my actions, but actively focus and work towards trusting Him. I must remember that this requires my being patient and WAITING for Him to send answers and meet needs in His time, not mine! I must always remember that “The LORD is a… stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name will trust in you.” And whether or not I am filled with joy at the moment, I WILL “Sing praises to the LORD… proclaim among the nations what he has done.” (Psalm 9:9-11 NIV)

... as I washed dishes this morning, until ...
This week will you pray that Jack and I will not let busy and often changing schedules overwhelm us. Pray that we will have more patience with computer/ internet problems and with those who lack the vision of what God is doing and can do through KBTC. Pray for Jack as a new thrust towards accreditation of the college begins and join us in praising God for sending needed co-workers and direction.

... one of the many kinds of weavers found
on campus arrived.
Pray for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength as I seek to nudge you and others to prayer and action for the Unreached Peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa. To be honest, I don’t always look forward to reading the news of Africa each morning as often the stories are heartbreaking, such as today’s news of Boko Haram crisis: 'About 500' Nigerian children missing.*  Pray that I will find the right balance of sensitively sharing prayer needs while sharing praises for the great things that are happening, including today’s Nudge to Action for Sub-Saharan African Peoples, a story of Matthew 28:19-20 in action!

Thank you again for being our partners, our encouragers, our strengtheners as we serve our Father together, BERT YATES
---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
*Missing Nigerian children -

Remember to view the daily Nudges to Action for Sub-Saharan Peoples which shares what God is doing among Sub-Saharan African Peoples and how you can join in His work through prayer, serving and giving!

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Some unexpected changes in our schedule are very welcome!
Mid-morning there was a knock on our door and Benson
(in the striped shirt) asked if I wanted any freshly harvested
American yellow corn.  Lunch was planned, but
the super corn-on-the-cob went great with the stew!

Bits of Our Hearts - March 24, 2015

"For God is the King of all the earth;
sing to him a psalm of praise." Psalm 47:7 NIV

And this is why I always keep my camera nearby, EVEN when I'm washing dishes! This was my gift just a few minutes ago just outside the kitchen window of our KBTC cottage.

Thanks for praying. I'm still sniffling, but my allergies are no longer winning, though it took me hours to complete today's Nudge to Action for Sub-Saharan African Peoples! Not sure if God was trying to teach me something or I'm still a bit out-of-it. (See yesterday's post.) This is the same kind of bird that I spotted last week. One of my very smart MK nephews, says it is an Eastern Double-collared Sunbird.

And to prove that I do share both washing dishes and blessings with my hubby! This is what Jack spotted after lunch today!

Bits of Our Hearts - March 23, 2015

Spotted this morning from our KBTC cottage window. Heavy rains came last night after a very dry stretch, which makes me happy. But the rains stirred up weeks of accumulated dust, leaving me sneezing, wheezing and sleepy from medicine! Pray that this allergy attack passes quickly. I want to be filled with joy, peace and hope, but a pile of tissues* is the only thing overflowing at the moment! (Romans 15:13)
--- --- --- --- ---
*At first I wrote 'kleenexes', but I've scratched it for 'tissues' as a roll of toilet tissue is less costly and easier on my now tender nose!

Nudge to Action for SSAPeoples - March 22, 2015

QUESTION: How many times have you used water today?

FACT: “No one can live without water, but for three-quarters of a billion people, that life-giving substance can be hard to come by.” 

QUESTION: Did you know that today is WORLD WATER DAY?

FACT: If you have easy access to clean water and care about those who do not,  "Three Items that Can Revolutionize Water Access"* was written for you!


For more daily Nudges to Action for Sub-Saharan African Peoples, click the SUB-SAHARAN AFRICAN PEOPLES tab located at the top of this page!

Bits of Our Hearts - March 21, 2015

Every time we travel in Kenya, in rural areas or the city, we spot people hauling water. Yesterday in one village, I took photos of water being hauled by donkey, hand carts, wheelbarrows, and on the heads and backs of women! A heartbreaking reminder of the difficulties faced by too many Africans; also a needed reminder of the opportunities for sharing of the one who is “the spring of living water” (Jeremiah 1:13).

The most heartbreaking photo captured yesterday? The one of a woman hauling a container the size of one of those on the cart on her back!

Bits of Our Hearts - March 20, 2015

I love early mornings at our cottage at KBTC – The sun coming up as I prepare breakfast – Home-made fresh raspberry and walnut scones served with wee little sweet bananas and Kenyan coffee – AND greeting many of the staff kids heading to school as Jack heads to the office, which always includes the gift of smiles! I took a photo of the gorgeous sunrise to share today, but the smile won.

Thanks to Kenya's growing export market, we are now blessed with strawberries (always tops our morning yogurt) year round, and sometimes raspberries! The scones were a special treat this morning, thanks to leftovers from a breakfast-for-dinner meal earlier this week! The walnuts were a splurge I bought as a gift to myself during Christmas and breakfast at our house always includes Kenyan bananas and coffee!