Sunday, February 7, 2016

IF God Is Really...

Spotting this beauty during devotions this morning, Psalm 27:4 became alive and active. I felt God’s presence and knew I was gazing “on the beauty of the LORD.” Then I remembered a note I received last year in response to a photo sharing my thanksgiving for answered prayer. I was asked, “If God is really the God of all, why…” followed by a list of hurts and evils faced by innocent children, sometimes instigated by those in the church. The writer added, “It is easy to praise him if it is not you [hurting]. What about those he doesn’t help?” I was asked how I could honor a God of inaction. I responded and asked others to join me in praying for commenter, but the comments still haunt me. Will you pray today for those in our world who are hurting and cannot sense our Father’s presence? Will you join me in praying that God’s children will be more sensitive to those around us in need a touch of His joy, peace and love and pray that we will truly be His hearts, hands and voice?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Unfocused and Unknown

I spotted this view of our porch while washing breakfast dishes and almost didn't take the photo as the only way to do it without scaring away the birds was though a screen door. As I edited the photo, I overheard Jack talking to a Kenyan friend who wanted to know about snow, how to compare it to something he understand and and how it feels.

As Jack tried to explain, I realized that my unfocused bird photo and Jack's possibly unsuccessful explanation is similar to the confusion faced by many when they first hear of our Good News. They may have never experienced the peace, joy and love we have as God's children or there may be filters in the way that cloud what they are hearing for the first time.
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Overwhelmed and Overwhelmed

SOMETIMES, well actually very often, I allow things to overwhelm me - things like an upcoming meeting of leaders of the IMB Sub-Saharan African Peoples to discuss future strategy and structure. My job as the Prayer Networker for our SSAP affinity is already in transition and like many colleagues I have no clue if my job will exist in the future. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW change is needed and I want to join my colleagues in being in the best position possible to reach and engage all our people groups with the Gospel.

THEN after lunch today I went outside with my camera to grab a bit of fresh air and I was overwhelmed in a new way as I spotted a butterfly hot-spot in our yard! As I enjoyed the beauties (will share lots more tomorrow), I could hear my Heavenly Father almost teasing me and asking, “Bert, do you trust me or what? Look at what I’ve created! I also created you, gave you your gifts and talents and know it is your heart’s desire to use these gifts and talents to join in My Work. Just relax and trust me. I know how I can best use you and I promise you will love it!”
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