Bits of our Hearts - February 28, 2015

SHARE A COKE has hit Kenya! Jack recently had trouble moving around a local grocery store thanks to an aisle totally blocked by Cokes as customers emptied the shelves searching for their names and the names of friends/marafiki! Pray today that Believers will boldly and eagerly desire to “Share their Saviour with a friend/ na marafiki” today!

Bits of Our Hearts - February 27, 2015

Thanking God today for filling His children with His “Spirit… with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts” (Exodus 35:31 NIV). I’m thanking Him for allowing us to use these skills, abilities and knowledge to join Him in His work. Thanking Him also for the joy we receive as we use His gifts – as Jack teaches and guides the Kenya Baptist Theological College and as I write prayer items and take photos.
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Added note: The things for sale in this photo taken at the Zebra Curio Market in the Westlands part of Nairobi, plus the wobbly building, were created by hand, not by machine.

Bits of Our Hearts - February 26, 2015

Does a bird ever feel overwhelmed at the beginning of building a nest? Does it fear running out of energy before finding needed building supplies? Pray today that just as Nehemiah stayed focused on what God had put in his heart to do (Nehemiah 2:12), that Jack, I, and our co-workers will persevere, always claiming God’s strength, guidance and provisions as we do His work.
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ADDED NOTE from Bert: I love watching birds, but am lousy on knowing the proper names. I think this is an olive thrush.

February 25, 2015

“What God had put in my heart to do.” Nehemiah 2:12

Monday's Nudge to Action for SSAPeoples was an
invitation to "Take the Missions Personality Quiz,"
found at

I got MALI!  Why don't you also take the quiz?
Sneak preview: This week’s verse will be used tomorrow (Thursday) in a post on my Facebook page, as I try a new way of sharing Bits of Our Hearts with you. Like you, Jack and I are busy, so why did I choose to add something to my daily to-do-list in addition to posting Nudges to Action for Sub-Saharan African Peoples? BECAUSE our doing “what God HAS put in OUR hearts to do” requires you and your support!

Photo taken over the weekend to share
with our kids who still have not
acclimated to freezing weather in the
US. Then decided NOT to remind them
of our great weather on the equator!
YES, we are OLD EXPERIENCED missionaries, but we still need strengthening and encouraging from you as we work towards “Strengthening and encouraging” African Believers and YOU “as we engage lostness together” (Quoted bit is our personal vision statement from Acts 14:22, Revelation 14:6). We need your prayers. We need co-workers, including volunteers at KBTC. We need financial support which provides us with a place to live, a car and gas to keep it going, and our salaries.

Knowing that you have lots of things in your heart, lots of things you care about, we know that if we want to be included in your heart and in how you use your time, energy and finances, we must share our hearts with you. We must share our desire to obey our Father and do what He has called us to do, specifically what He has put in our hearts to do.

Not sure of the name of this little critter,
but though it was beautiful, it was a bit to
scary to use as a future "Bit of Our Heart."
So today’s update is to introduce you to the new Bits of Our Hearts posts, which I began sharing this week on Facebook and have shared in posts you will spot below this one. These will be personal mini-stories sharing our hearts, our lives, what we see and experience, what we think about these things, what God is teaching us and what leads us to prayer. Knowing that many of you are not on Facebook, as of today I will repost these Bits from Our Hearts posts on this blog. And if you want to keep up with the Nudges to Action for Sub-Saharan African Peoples and what God is doing at the Kenya Baptist Theological College, simply click the tabs at the top of our Yates-IMB-Kenya&SSAP blog.

Now for our current prayer needs: Pray for strength and wisdom for Jack as he has lots of meetings; meetings which will affect the revival and ability for KBTC to equip and train Believers to “reflect the presence of God and become qualified and capable workers in our Father’s Harvest Field.* I need prayers for perseverance as I deal with computer problems. I also need wisdom and sensitivity as I ‘chat’ with co-workers from across Sub-Saharan Africa. My prayer is that as I share their stories and nudge you and others to action for our peoples, I will strengthen and encourage my co-workers. 

I don't know whether to ask you to praise God with me for birds which
appear at my window as I work OR pray that I stay more focused!
I also pray that what I’m sharing today and will share in the future will make sense to you and entice you to continue joining in our Father’s work! Not because I want more readers on our blog or FB friends, but because we want you to share our joy of doing what God has put in our hearts to do!
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Bit of Our Hearts - February 24, 2015

"Spotted a ‘photo’ this morning!” Jack’s greeting after driving thru the city centre last week. His verbal capture of the untaken photo: Man in a suit walking along the road with a rumpled green shirt atop his head and a 20 foot tree limb balancing on the green cushion. Thanking God today for daily opportunities in Africa for conversations about the One who offers rest to the “weary and burdened.” (Matt 11:28)

Bits of Our Hearts - February 23, 2015

I took the Missions Personality Quiz* and I got MALI in Sub-Saharan Africa. The test is fun and easy to take and filled with a few surprises! Where should you take a mission trip?


Bits of Our Hearts - February 22, 2015

Some American co-workers may be wishing to be in THEIR home country among THEIR people today and enjoying the snow. I do miss our family, but I’m happy to view it all via SKYPE and am thanking God that when He asked us to “Leave OUR country, OUR peoples… and go to the land I will show you” (Genesis 12:1), it was to a land on the equator where this is one of the few white bits in our yard today!